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Our team of BNB Superhosts will create and manage dynamic advertisements and attract quality guests directly to your listing.

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Are you struggling to attract guests and fill your calendar?

Let's Increase Your Bookings by With BNB BOOST

Airbnb has revolutionized the way people travel. However, with the increasing popularity of the platform, it has become increasingly difficult for hosts to stand out and attract bookings.

We provide top-tier marketing and advertising services to Airbnb hosts who are looking to increase their bookings and differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

Stop relying on a single platform or strategy for 100% of your bookings. 

Our team of Superhosts at BNB Mint will create and manage dynamic advertisements and attract quality guests directly to your listing.


The Process of BNB BOOST


Businesses of all kinds regularly invest in advertisement to increase and sustain revenue. Can we spend $100 to make $200? ... and scale are revenue. Running an Airbnb is no exception to this business principle. 

With BNB BOOST we invite you to invest (1) nights revenue and aim to increase your bookings by a minimum of (4) additional bookings with our audit process and  advertisement services. One unique aspect of running an Airbnb business is your limited by supply. You can only "sell" a listing once per night and your inventory is limited to 365 nights a year. Let's BOOST your listing and make the most of your limited inventory. 


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How Does It Work?

Step #1

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Sign Up for BNB BOOST and complete a short survey about your Airbnb listing

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Step #2


Our experienced team of Superhosts will review your submission, audit your listing, and create unique strategy for your listing's promotion campaign

  • Listing Audit
  • Market Research and Ops
  • Custom Listing Report

Step #3


Arguably "The Best Part"

We will design, launch, and manage a set of dynamic ads that will attract quality guests to your listing. This is an active process for our team to continue optimizing our ads to perform at their best

  • Dynamic Ads
  • Targeted Demographics
  • A/B Testing
  • Optimized for Conversion

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For Successful Hosts

  • Instant Access
  • Quick and Easy Setup
  • Airbnb Listing Audit
  • Custom Listing Report
  • Dynamic Ad Design
  • Optimized for Conversion
  • Zero Revenue Split
  • Cancel Anytime

The BNB Host Masterclass

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